Volumetric Wonderland

DGene teamed with the emerging media production company zyntroPICS Inc. on their Volumetric Wonderland production.   Shot at the DGene Baton Rouge stages, Wonderland is designed to demonstrate how volumetric production can be applied to new, story-driven content and delivered on webAR.   All the AR elements were shot using DGene's capture technology including the first holographic rabbit. 


Pop Star

DGene partnered with China Mobile to turn the 2020 MiGu Music Awards into a live-streamed, 4K-8K VR/AR concert. Chinese-American pop star Will Pan, appearing on-stage at the Guangzhou Baoneng Guanzhi Cultural Center, was transformed into a real-time hologram. Performing hits including Love You 3000, he also interacted virtually with other music and sports celebrities.

Virtual Amber 

Virtual characters like Amber make the perfect influencers. Their look and personality can be tailored to match the values of any brand. DGene employs novel digitization and visualization methods to model macro and micro human body functions, imbuing virtual characters like Amber with incredibly lifelike behavior, viewable in all directions.

AI-Driven Masking

For the second season of the Chinese singing competition “The Voice of Chinese Dream - Our Song”, DGene developed a way to accurately conceal contestants behind full-body “masks” live without a green screen. Artificial-intelligence algorithms, based on techniques used to process multiple cameras for volumetric capture, were used to distinguish foreground people and instantly remove the background. A similar technique could be employed in other visual effects applications to reduce or eliminate time-consuming rotoscoping.

Volumetric Ballerina

We recently partnered with Edward Bilous, professor at the Juilliard School, to demonstrate the potential of volumetric video to capture the graceful performances of ballet dancers. Volumetric capture poses intriguing future possibilities for mixed reality applications in education and remote learning.