Live Holograms

Our technology facilitates real-time 2D or 3D capture and streaming of human subjects for virtual performances, meetings, educational applications, and presentations. Leveraging 5G technology, holograms are captured in high fidelity with virtually no latency for a wholly natural experience.


Interactive Video

DGene is combining camera arrays, light field technology, and AI processing to allow viewers to control and witness streaming action from any view simultaneously.  This same approach allows broadcasters to instantly generate bullet time effects for live events.

AI Beings

AI Actors

DGene is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence with the latest imaging technology to produce digital humans. Our AI-driven platform offers the ability to capture, analyze, and reproduce massive amounts of data associated with human behavior. The results are digital actors that talk, move, and act like real people.


Digital Influencers

DGene has developed technology to produce — at the speed of social media — digital characters and content that can be finely calibrated to a particular brand strategy or marketing campaign. Our solutions combine traditional technologies such as motion capture with new advances in real-time rendering and machine learning.

AI Restoration

DGene is revolutionizing the restoration of film-originated content. Our proprietary AI algorithms make it possible to return decades-old imagery to pristine condition, faster and at less cost than conventional digital technologies. We offer tools for restoring color and sharpness, image stabilization, dust and scratch removal, and many other common processes.

3D Reconstruction

3D reconstruction is a rapidly advancing application of computer vision used to digitally recreate the three-dimensional structure of objects, environments, and even large cities. Virtual objects can be produced in seconds, appear stunningly real, and can be viewed from any perspective. Part of the core of volumetric capture, DGene’s 3D reconstruction technology is helping to enhance virtual shopping and augmented reality experiences and facilitate the preservation of cultural artifacts and art collections.


Volumetric Capture

Using synchronized cameras, a purpose-built capture stage, and proprietary reconstruction software, we make it possible to record performances in ways impossible through traditional methods and convert them into 3D sequences viewable from any angle.