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AI Tools For
Content Creation

Markerless Mocap

AI Driven Single Camera Motion Capture

Any phone or laptop can now be a motion capture device. Users can control their 3D avatars in the metaverse or animate 3D characters for user generated content.

AI Matting

No Green Screen Needed

With just a few clicks, regardless of the background, automatically generate mattes that can be used in virtually any video editing tool or in virtual production. Designed for professionals in mind with compatibility in any OpenFX capable host like Nuke. 

Facial Capture

Volumetric Avatar Creation

Quickly capture and generate 3D models for use in CG, virtual production, games, and the metaverse.

Wand App

Everyone is an Artist

Realize your creativity with just a swipe of a finger. Based on our research in GANs, the SofGAN system can generate high quality images with independently controllable features. Try now on your phone today.




AI Upscale

New Life for Old Content

Update low resolution footage to higher resolution, steaming ready, footage with one click.

AI Paint

Clean Up Made Easy

Automatically remove objects or artifacts from videos. The AI Paint tool has been used for both film restoration and visual effects rig and prop removal.

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